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Our daily engagement at the Perleas Mansion and in Perleas Estate offers us special moments and precious feelings. So stay tuned with our news / events.

We want to share with you our experiences, so you can get a small taste from our daily routine.

The entrance to Perleas Mansion and Perleas Estate Ξενώνας Περλέας - Λογότυπο

October Offers

Απολαύστε την διαμονή σας στον Ξενώνα Περλέα και τον Οκτώβρη!
Κάντε τώρα Κράτηση και Επωφεληθείτε από τις Προσφορές μας…

News / Events of Perleas Mansion. Private Heritage Week 2019 Ξενώνας Περλέας - Λογότυπο

Private Heritage Week 2019

With great pleasure, Perleas Mansion announces its participation for the 2nd consecutive year in the “Private Heritage Week / Επισκέψιμα Αρχοντικά”.

Reviews Award 2018 from, Perleas Mansion Ξενώνας Περλέας - Λογότυπο

Reviews Award – inform us, with an email, the results of reviews award for 2018, for Perleas Mansion . The score, 9.3, says it all. There are no words to describe our feelings…

Citrus orchard in Kampos of Chios Ξενώνας Περλέας - Λογότυπο

The Kampos of Chios – Protection and Development

Perleas Mansion participates actively in the “The Kampos of Chios – Protection and Development” event, which will be held on Saturday, November 10th in the “Andreas Axiotakis” Hall of Faros…

The marble lion of Perleas Mansion Ξενώνας Περλέας - Λογότυπο

The marble lion of Perleas

The marble lion of Perleas Mansion  is a typical artifact of our mansion and a stamp of his history. A story that you can hear in the tours of our Mansion and in our…

The waterwell on Perleas Estate entrance Ξενώνας Περλέας - Λογότυπο

Perleas’s waterwell

The artifacts of Perleas Mansion are hundreds, scattered throughout the lengths the Estate. The waterwell, however, steals the eyes of our visitors as tthis is the first thing they watch in…

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