Our Rooms

The accommodation in the 8 rooms of Perleas Mansion offers the classy luxury of a renovated Mansion and the sense of old times from the orchard. Each one of the rooms have large windows overlooking the orchard. They are decorated with many flowers and beautiful paintings, but they are different in style and furnishing.

We named the, our rooms, after the names of the citrus fruits that dominate the Perleas Estate. Lemon, Orange, Tangerine, Sanguine, Bergamot, Bitter Orange and Grapefruit, along with its variant, Grapefruit for two. Each one of them has its own soul and cause unique feelings to their visitors.

Select the room you wish and let the Photo Gallery of each room to tell you a story. You can also see the features of each room and the amenities that offers. If you need any further information, regarding your accommodation, please send us a message using our contact details.

Discover them, one by one, now!