The area

The Kampos of Chios. A Historic Place.

Kampos is a special residential complex on the southeastern side of the island of Chios. It is in the passage to the unique mastic villages and occupies an area of about 20 sq.Km.

It is crossed by two torrents and a number of streams. On its western side the rocky hills protect it and feed it with water. Due to this geophysical blessing, Kampos is, in fact, an endless fertile plain. The land of citrus trees.

The citrus trees orchards

The citrus came to Kampos around the 13th century, after the Genoese discovered the existence of water in the area. Cultivation proved to be efficient and thus begins a new period of prosperity where trade, economy and architecture flourish.

The orchards are surrounded by high walls made of bulky porositie stones. These stones, that are famous for the uniqueness of its composition and its brown-red color, are from the quarries of the nearby village of Thymiana. They protect the microclima of each property from the adverse weather conditions.

The Mansions

The residences, the famous Mansions of Kampos, are two-storey or three-storey with free view from all sides. The owners wanted to have the complete control of their land.

Common architectural features include the arched doors and windows, the marble columns and the balconies underneath by small arches. Also the large internal stairs, the spacious courtyards, the impressive flower gardens, the stone cisterns and the waterwells that used to be irrigated by the wells.

The mystery

The entire area of Kampos is covered by innumerable small and pleasant labyrinthine streets, prepared to take you on a charming walk between the walls, the magnificent gates and the narrow streets.

Externally, the visitor can only distinguish the top of the trees and of course the citrus aromas. Only after the door gates opens, all the beauty that you have sensed is shown in front of you.